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7 Hilariously Useless Internet Based (IoT) Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the largest emerging trends in technology, or as KPMG says “a phenomenon that is only going to get bigger” (2016). IoT suggests that every device (‘thing’) you own will soon be connected to one another via the internet. The World Economic Forum has some fantastic predictions on what IoT will shake up, however it’s far too broad to talk about here.


Rather, I’ve listed 7 of the most ridiculous gadgets and small devices that are seeking to get on the IoT hype train, and added in a little description. These are all 100%┬álegit businesses.


1. Automated Venetian Blind Tilter



“iBlinds” seeks to take the pain out of tilting venetian blinds, with it’s groundbreaking app – simply swipe left to right depending on how much light you want. Think about how much time is wasted with blocking out blinds – now you don’t even need to get up.


2. Haptic-Response Fork Ingestion Reducer



The Hapi-Fork uses the latest fork-serving technology to ensure that you are not ingesting your food too quickly. The Slow Control fork starts vibrating when you’re eating too quickly, and stores all your information in a dashboard so you can see your optimal Fork-serving ratio.


3. Office Shoe iOS Notification Blocker



Just when you thought turning notifications off was too hard, there’s now a shoe for it. If you put on the latest corporate footwear by this UK company – boom – your iPhone no longer receives any notifications. Who needs notifications at work anyway?


4. Tablet-Based Portable Knife Sharpener



Don’t you hate it when you’re on the go with your knives, and suddenly the sharpness just isn’t cutting it? Well worry no more, as the latest KnifeRobot allows you to sharpen knives on the move. No hands needed!


5. iScream Smartphone-Enabled Ice Cream Paddler


Sometimes traditional Ice Cream makers do not live up to their expectations. The iScream seeks to put the control back in the hands of the user, with an innovative iPhone app that lets you control the speed of the paddles. How can you not trust the iScream? It must live up to expectations – they even claim that they have “worked with the biggest fright companies in the past” Scary!


6. Electronic Sun Dial


Great for daylight savings – unfortunately, it’s not compatible with cloud.


7. Augmented Reality Tablet-Powered Mirror with Toothbrush Timer


I’m sure these creators can really see themselves getting into this – the FireFly mirror that offers a heap of functionality, including a toothbrush timer, that tells you when to stop brushing! If hitting snooze wasn’t enough – you can turn off your alarm with it’s in-built facial recognition.


Post in the comments below if you can think of anything worse


Final Comment


I think IoT devices will take off when (a) goods come factory-shipped with IoT features (note: inevitable), (b) automation software is better integrated into mobile platforms (Apple just purchased ‘Workflow’, an automation company, rumoured to support its ‘Home’ app), and (c) manufacturers open up APIs to their ecosystems to encourage third party usage (Samsung is already doing this, as well as claiming that in 2020 all their devices will be IoT). I’m yet to see how a Fintech can disrupt your washing machine (maybe calculating # of cycles you can save by changing from ‘Universal’ to ‘Economy’ and investing the surplus?), but I’m all for it if it can.


After looking at these, I found a hilarious website that documents some fake IoT devices here: http://www.internetofuselessthings.io/


What’s the most useless application of IoT you can think of?





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