My aim I’ve wanted to start a personal project for a while – and want to try one based around News. I get a heap of my news from different sources and want to keep track of the content I’m reading.

The problem If you’re like me, you’re pretty disillusioned at the state of news at the moment. There is: a ubiquity of fake news delivered through social channels, clickbait streaming through the ‘legitimate’ news sources (e.g. Sydney Morning Herald) – and it seems the only decent things worth reading are either locked behind paywalls, or are the Betoota Advocate.

Of the news that is delivered, it either comes hotchpotch from a mate on FB messenger, all-too-regularly from a newsletter, or is overwhelming and comes poorly structured (looking at you Twitter).

My promise I’ve endeavoured to present the best news, on a daily basis, with a focus on Finance, Technology and Startups. The target audience is for young professionals like myself.

Obviously other content slips through the cracks, but I promise there won’t be any clickbait, fake news or shit that permeates current news platforms. I reliably check theĀ  veracity of all articles before I post them.