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What is Tidbits?

Conversations have been absolutely burgeoning of late, specifically regarding the dramatic shifts we are witnessing in the Tech industry. Referring to “Tech Industry” is far too broad and uninteresting to comment on as a whole. So I’m taking tidbits from the Tech industry and commenting on them.

All views are my own, and I’m using this medium to hopefully start some valuable online conversation – something I think readers and viewers alike will enjoy. The internet is fertile ground for starting good conversation, discussion, argumentation; and I hope that Tidbits can play a part in that.

I’ve currently only linked this to a select few of you, in an attempt to both garner feedback and also to start some great conversations with like minded people. A long term goal of mine has been to create a rich, interactive social discussion platform, free from ads + memes, and shared between tightly-knit people, and I’m hoping this can start something similar.


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